I’m an old 73er, I remember the Commodores, the Tangerines, the Dragons, the Acorns, the eight bits and my person favourites, the Sinclairs

they weren’t the best hardware, graphics, memory, or cheapest

they were the best balanced for the time, capable of way more than their inventor intended

so much so it even spawned a next generation in the 20s, and endorsed by IP

the Acorn RISC architecture based ARM processors

another great machine for schools, priced out of range of most consumers, but it was an amazingly versatile machine

the old BBC Micro was a monolith of a metal slab, could probably withstand a roof falling on it, and it’s innovation was all in the tubes

virtualise the tubes into a single processing chip, chain them together, up and down the tubes

if you’re on a mobile phone right now you’re on ARM architecture (most likely)

well done Acorn, well done BBC for helping make a British invention globally successful

the Romans gave us roads, the British gave us ARM processors (cuz they sold the rights to everyone else, we invent it, we sell it, others make way more money with it, disaster capitalism (sic))

they cause the disasters, the disaster capitalists, because capitalism rules most of the world

it serves only to make money for people with money, and has absolutely no conscience regarding how that money is made

kick me out the temple, if you wish, but you will fail if my temple is kicked, the temple isn’t a physical place you go to, look to the peaceful minds

I believe in the human right to peace, if humanity wishes to challenge this then I will surely die at your hands

wake up, see what is happening around you, the bigger picture is your family picture, your descendants

respect for our ancestors must be balanced by respect for our descendants

the earth will be ruined by disaster capitalists who think they’ll be the only survivers, no one survives this, this is wanton destruction of all our biomes, please search for peace now, times up

if freedom meant consideration for our own future, would we be so flippant about environmental destruction

what if our future is still tied to this universe, somehow grasping at it like it was really there, instead of being something that used to be somewhere

the paradox is not paradoxical once the rules are understood

listen to others, they’re suffering

listen to ourselves, we’re suffering

find a lamp to follow, the one carried by the {insert supreme being/teacher/guide/expert here}

listen to others, they’re your world, they cannot be ignored

they may be starving soon, starved by the deliberate ignorance of selfish minds; anger and hatred

Switch to this type of sentence,
Will I infact mean an elephance?
What a stupid fantasy cuntery (sic),
The vision of being a country prick.

I'll start this again, this time normal
look mar no punctuation, popsicle
did I do it again, he did, he did
guess what, I'm confused now

anyway, enough of this nonsense, I liked the Commodore Amiga as well

the look of the Atari range is worth a ganders, the ST was a really trekkie thing to behold

the extreme tedium of the Camputers range, a very lonely range, very grey and yellowing slowly somewhere

the Camputers Lynx sulks in the darkest corners of the retrocomputing world, a grey brick that was actually quite capable itself, but it’s the way to the dark side

next you’ll be looking for a Memotech as used in the film Weird Science, it’s a magnificent beast, truly capable of communicating with super computers, because it reckoned itself, WOPR (War Games)

the boring business computer, ooo let’s play chess where everything looks like a green capital letter on a black screen

that little Intel 80186, how it did grow, but it’s looking like it might struggle against the might of the ARM processors

the Intels and AMDs are still the best gaming architecture available, they just is, check your blackboxes, they’re in your ps or xb

anyway, give me buttons, a controller, a mouse and a non-touch screen, thanks

– Whooda Thunkit, Labouring (sic) in Westminster (v.sic), 2022

I like my computer to have buttons, no eyes or ears