I don’t know, it makes hignfy, would that go

what about Ch4, they’re owned by the public, or in Tory terms the democratically selected government

selected by who, the people or the corporations, the big businesses

they give us jobs, we should be grateful

the jobs only serve to convert the resources of our planet into follies of the wealthy and powerful

you go, leaders of the world unite in their fear and loathing of each other, go now

this planet is not yours for the consumption, that’s a tumour

tumours do this, surviving only to serve themselves, ain’t you just full of no virtue

proud to be greedy, wow, just wow

bet your smug parents are so proud of you, were they entitled

titles entitles very little in my world, apart from the threats of an early death from a populous so scared of their government they’re willing to sell out their own people to save their own skins

SARSCoV2 is here, the other historical terms were just warnings, shots across the bows as it were

some have said that it effects the immune system post infection for some

as airborne pathogens go SARS-COV-2 is actually very dangerous for some of us, but considering the way corporations are destroying the planet maybe death by virus might be quicker and less painful for the vulnerable people like some of us (autistic person speaking so stfu)

I will strive to carry on this path society has decided for me, I’m not well equipped to deal with allistics at the best of time, so this should be interesting now I don’t mask

I analyse everything I experience, not always well but I do it anyway, can’t help it

so a conversation with me may end with a warm laugh and silence, without warning

you’ll have no idea why I did it, you’ll be confused, wonder if you’d done something wrong, then sit awkwardly for a while until your mind conjures up a new bit of wiffle

this is what I experience when I mask as an allistic, I can fob off the multiple overwhelming inputs as an attention disorder, can’t I, neurotypicals

I’m not ADHD, nor do I have a personality disorder {TikTok Twitch, how much for the pair gov}, put Elon in control {Twitter TikTok Twitch, not yet maybe}

should we fear it, just stop using it and talk to people when you’re out and about, stop being lonely, arrrgh

this is democracy, this is how the people are heard, but it’s not kind, it favours cruelty and conspiracy

anyway, the BBC and Ch4, and for that matter anything that is still actually owned by the British people should not be sold off

privatisation is the pathway to selling off the public assets for short-term gain, disaster capitalism comes and gobbles it up

it’s the big businesses that gain, the people lose out

don’t like the BBC in general, then make them non-partisan, they represent a political view at present, and this is not balanced and the public have cottoned on

sell it off, fuckit, they’re a right wing mouth piece in the news, and a centerish comedy output, some may disagree, don’t care, bog off to la la funlit downstreams of getting things done land

my world is changing, not all of it for the better, this governments killing us with incompetence, is that the best we have, how fucked up can fucked up get

come on rich people, pay your tax, be better not more successful, be kinder not more ruthless, be more peaceful and spread peace, truly advocate peace

here’s a play to your egos, if you do it you’ll be thought of as saintly, perhaps even godly, maybe even worshipped for a long time, like Shakespeare

kill the gods, never, I admire the gods, they are defined by their virtue not their power

their power is a side effect, name a famous dictator that is remembered with fondness

be the name of someone who represents virtues, that would be a great thing to be remembered by

– Ynut Kodmibbly, 2022

why shouldn't the BBC be privatised on an advertising/subscription business model