this is not about the people with crowns on their heads, that’s a can of worms I dare not open.

it’s about what has been done by (mainly) English men, usually white and institutionally racist bigots,

you know tory thieves and liars, but I am willing to acknowledge that thieves and liars exist in other political parties.

tories just seem so very adept at the thievery and lies,

I suppose lancing, stabbing, beheading, shooting, and hanging people just became indistinguishable from horror and suffering.

we just decided, or rather the generation that fought the nazis, that human rights were important in protecting against fascists.

why do we keep wanting to appease the 30% of selfish self entitled liars and xenophobic racists?

when did we think that they had a voice worth listening to?

when I was young, 1970/80s, we thought racists weren’t worth listening to, because we were trying not to be racists.

maybe my reader wasn’t one of those fortunate people to have parents that had compassionate political views, as opposed to cruel and abusive ones.

I would love to be able to say that I feel compassion for the suffering of our leaders,

but they do make it hard, don’t they.

when they continue the disaster capitalism that’s destroying our ecosystems,

we let them, why?

I put a fan on, that’ll solve the problem, if it’s solar powered maybe.

look out it’s the tree hugging, vegan eating, loony lefty with their radical thinking and general tomfoolery,

I’m not this, I’m darker than this, I’m uncertain that wings exist in my experience, there’s just the fiery horn!

my skin does not appear to me when I’m here, nor does my shape,

dark mists, more fog, maybe smoke?

it’s dark and cool here, but we don’t swim.

the caves are safe from the scorch of the sun,

trees are nicer though, let’s grow some,

in the sky we see nature we don’t control, so sky gods don’t be assholes.

we’re still protected down here by the Buddhas, even if the angels are sticking to the agreements,

longtime ago a leader did plan for a united European federation of member states.

governed by human rights and common goals,

that was Churchill, so they say,

don’t know much about Churchill, before my time and a conservative party member.

so partisan, yep, I side with a belief 2,500 years old give or take, end of a golden age of great leaders.

it even traces back further than that, the last Buddha was the fourth to appear in this fortunate aeon, so there was also a 1, 2 and 3.

each one unique to the time they appeared, pre-antiquity maybe, prehistoric possibly?

I don’t know, that knowledge eludes me, probably not important.

there could be up to 996 more to come before the fortunate aeon is up,

all these numbers fascinates me, must be a pattern reckoning thing.

so numbers interest me, someone invented them long ago, maybe an ancestor of humans, maybe even further back,

life invents things, it generates order from chaos by offsetting the entropy elsewhere,

interesting studies, life uses quantum fields too,

it’s a very precious thing, complicated life, very rare and fleeting in the grand scheme of things.

sorry, am I off the point again, so…

the people with the crowns can keep their crowns, but they don’t get anymore trinkets until they start behaving themselves, ok.

the bullies we always thought would get the comeuppance one day, didn’t,

we voted for them to lead us instead, there’s the problem, where’s their comeuppance‽

if it doesn’t come up then what will be our future, sent to prison for dissenting?

where’s that freedom of speech you tories love so much,

your argument is crumbling, but you don’t care, you have an army of met police to do your bidding.

probably better to stay away from London, their police are questionable in their motivation, maybe some time away from Bozzer Buttfaced Bunt?

I wonder what crime they will one day make up for people like me,

people who take a stab at poetry?

or maybe an artist, a writer, a thinker, a scholar, philosophers and teachers,

religious leaders, their followers, their ethnicity, or their sports heroes?

you don’t think that they’d go after their own racist, xenophobic, flag-shagging butt-chuggers,

they will in the end when they’ve killed all the rest through wanton neglect and cruelty.

if you do vote, even in private, for the tories you’re complicit in the rise of fascism and hate crime,

you think their human pets won’t go raping your heads?

they don’t care, your vote is their mandate to tear our country apart,

you will receive a message soon from the darkness in the room.

it’ll knock a bit there, then over there, then when you notice it it will go click click click,

this is not a curse, this is an explanation of what will come:

  • you don’t want to notice it,
  • but it’s been given a mandate by your guilt,
  • the guilt is there with no shame to bare,
  • it’s not the guilt, you know that old Roman guilt,
  • it’s the guilt of the sociopath, the psycho, the horror,
  • the grinning hat man with eyes like saucepans!
  • just say go away, and they’ll go away,
  • like confessing your sins before you descend.

so people who wield power of the monarch without extensive qualification in all aspects of life should be nowhere near power,

they’re dangerous, unhinged, sociopathic loonies, and only bigger loonies are the ones that support them (privately or not).

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

power of the monarch