definites are definitely not comfortable in quantum theory,

a particular thing is probably about there traveling at probably that momentum,


it’s definitely probably large or small,

maybe just a bit bigger against the small.

a balanced system, may I posit, tends towards less difference between short and tall.

there once was a demon of old beliefs,

who went by the name of Azrael Peeks,

he became an angel once they’d passed.

some demons in charge may wish to check out the window,

the other demons are coming,

and want what you’re stealing.

they’re demons wish for something like recognition,

give him this hallucination,

build him a little castle where he can debauch himself senseless.

like making a curious kid inhale an entire pack of smokes,

won’t that lack him moral compass?

this mental abuse being inflicted on youth,

this is your world, your future, what should we old ones do?

“..not vote us out of the eu, bellends!.”, they say,

I’ve heard them shout.

just my interpretation of what I heard some people of the future say.

there be time travellers here, just us from the future,

“ fucked up is fucked up!.”

we have messed it up so much that the future people had to invent time travel?

just look at the children, they are the future people,

we teach them all they know,

we give them horror, the sadness of life lost.

I want them to know a breezy summer and green grass at home,

why are we letting rich people do this?

“..we’re butt plebs, or..”, (“..a demon that will take off the head..”)

the darkness that’s sown into the acts that they disown,

is the nightmares of strange stairs and peeking stares.

if I spoke to the spirits that frequent their den of thievery, what do you think they’d say?

the flies on the walls, ceilings and floors,

eating up their vomit and cheers.

“..damn them to hell!.”, some say,

but hell is a very long stay.

how much would that cost, eternity imprisoned in treachery?

they call me unpatriotic, because I question the government?

isn’t that what we do, aren’t we supposed to?

I know you do, it’s the other ones that don’t do this,

the ones that are blind to atrocities they commit.

abstaining in this way is uncertain,

it’s like support to me, that seems certain.

if my leader told me to go out and spread covid,

I’d act against them, they’re wrong,

“..have faith in the buffoon..”, he always goes right in the end,

a little too far.

if you abstain you believe their lies,

democratic socialism builds schools, hospitals, and homes.

the right take away humanity education, university, we know you’re doomed to failure,

why? you’re not oxbridge, old chap!

only oxbridge gets the cash, cuz they own it you see.

the royal colleges of shitcreak,

I’ll pass.

but poems don’t count as education, that’s humanities,

was there ever a more blatant con than the bleeding obvious!

take their humanities away, then their artists and plays,

soon we will get a totalitarian state,

run by thieves and conmen.

thatcher sold you a lie, that your house was your home until you die,

now under her descendants reign,

we see fascism in their ultimate aim.

“..control the people, they’re workers..”

“..they make money for our berzurkas..”

“..powder fuelled steam oven ready..”

“..stoke those coals, to heat up my toes..”

but the stokers just get frostbite.

how can this end? think fairer, think kinder,

it’s really not hard to believe in goodness, is it?

what cruel past makes some so oblivious to suffering?

I think they need help, psychiatric services would be good,

maybe in a place like arkham?

“..the bozzer..”, biggest bitch in the tower!

say goodnight to the deadwood, he ruined so much good,

retire him out to pension plan speakouts.

leave us be, we surrendered our dignity,

there’s no goodwill left here, you’ve managed to spend that too.

penniless and broken, that would make quite a story,

the rise and fall of johnson’s track record.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

if we think we've understood quantum mechanics, then we probably haven't