…but not at the expense of self-respect,

or a sense of wrong or right,

maybe against core beliefs?

so do so many prominent members of parliament declare their Christianity without any show of understanding Christ’s teachings?

why do they run the market in the temple when Christ very clearly and aggressively destroyed commerce in a place of worship?

I am not a Christian, but I have enormous respect for the teachings attributed to Jesus, he was an insightful person.

I would like to have heard what he said, but only as a Buddhist observer.

I also feel I should hear what our government says in person, they clearly know how to rally a mob of racists.

so I suppose if you support the government, or electoral system FPTP, then you must like racists, fascists, evil philosophies.

The V sign is the symbol of the unconquerable will of the occupied territories, and a portent of the fate awaiting the Nazi tyranny.

Winston Churchill

I should stress that I am not a follower of Churchill, but this symbolism means peace and I’m not certain if Churchill would support our government, do you?

Johnson is trying to put the country under the fear of fascism, trouble is a foreign aggressor has not arisen for the people to be scared enough to fight… yet!

beware of the false prophets, those that bring about hatred, despair, misery, and suffering to your people, the British.

we are a union (at the moment, albeit England with dominion over its nearest neighbours, sorry), the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish believe this.

it’s a shame England is ruled by the truly abhorrent, the takers, the thieves, the persecutors, the invaders, the bloody Romans, the sodding Normans!

some of us were never well settled in a land ruled by these people,

some of us were pushed to the sides, some of us gave in and signed up for the invaders, the City of London, the Normanic monarchy, the delegated powers of the tories!

some of us are called English, but I have ceased to find any pride in this when the people who represent it are nazis, essentially IMHO, can I renounce the invaders and just be a Celt with an English accent?

where were you born?

me, I’m English, used to be proud of that until I read some history,

thanks Mr. Johnson you’ve educated me on the true nature of tories, the monarch, and the old Romans sitting in the City!

if you’re English and still proud, then you take pride in the following:

  • deportation of asylum seekers to another country without due process of law.
  • the suppression of all dissent from what the elected dictatorship decrees as law.
  • high taxation of the poor, tax reduction for the rich.
  • pursuing profit and causing climatic disasters as a result.
  • damning future generations to greater widespread suffering.

the thing to remember though is the internet ain’t real,

if I tell you something with enough conviction, even if it’s a lie,

tell it often enough, you will come to believe it, eventually.

this is brexit, nothing more than a lie told so often and for so long that people believe it,

they believe the foreigners were taking all the jobs, but now we have a shortage of doctors, nurses, and loads of other less glamorous (but vital) jobs.

the internet isn’t the only place this can be found, the tabloid press are also complicit in this long told lie,

the lie that the rich care about anyone but themselves,

they manipulated power to favour their tax avoidances, they were never democratically accountable.

but what about the democracy of the market place, see above about Jesus.

if you believe that the Murdoch empire is not manipulating the narratives of our countries with politicians in their pockets, then good luck to you, you must be very rich already!

I say countries as it seems like the US has a similar problem with Murdoch allegedly interfering with others.

so don’t buy the Sun, unless of course you like racist violence and children going hungry?

don’t get me started on the Mail, if Jesus lived now and was escaping the region of his birth to come to the UK, they’d have him sent to Rwanda, that’s the so called Christian politicians for you.

as I said, I’m a Buddhist, I would welcome Buddha to my land.

for Buddhists all beings have Buddha nature, therefore everyone is seen as at least a potential Buddha.

I believe Christians have similar teachings that help us understand how to care for others.

I am angry and peaceful, pangry, or peacefully angry,

my faith teaches me to trust in the mind of peace, to develop a kind mind towards others,

but the behaviour of our government (for at least the last 40 years) has been to sell off stuff they don’t own, the people’s stuff, like the NHS.

that does not strike me as well mannered, or polite behaviour,

they are certainly not Christians or Buddhists, so what are they?

sociopathic, psychotic, those suffering from mental illness brought on by early abuse in life?

I’m sure a psychologist somewhere would like to study the foreign secretary under laboratory conditions.

a neurologist might want to take samples to see if there’s any unusual brain chemistry occurring?

a joke, at the expense of someone a lot better off than me, punching upwards is always ok,

the powerful can only punch down when it comes to jokes at others expense.

but we have a threatened government, a desperate prime minister,

he knows he’s done for if he’s sacked, £5million a year is all he’ll get and permanent exile from the UK, would you take that deal?

not sure what happens to his henchpeople, Patel, Raab, Truss, Javid, Dorries, Rees-Mogg, Gove, and all the rest… hopefully they’ll just disappear, out of sight, out of mind.

if I could cast a spell I’d wish for many things, but the most effective would be peace without hatred,

but failing that I’d go for total irrelevance for the pm and his hungry cronies, disappear back to the darkness you came from, and take your media moguls with you!

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