it’s a phrase without malice to the kind, compassionate or meek.

these are the parts of humanity that cares about others as children to their mothers,

remember the mothers, those that actually gave birth,

lost by the cruelty of right flying berserks.

it is not the mothers that are, its the others they hurt,

where’s the kindest of the wisest,

in this heaven on earth?

right wing will say such things are all gay,

they’re to be dehumanised,

this is fascism at work.

when you supported the leaders,

by abstaining from caring,

that your people who are being hurt!

my anger is clear, it’s more red than it was last year,

in the pains of the loss our-side died the most,

we lost many great people;

my father, my wife, my friend and more.

there’s no tears left here, your threat to my people is near,

we can fight back, we can die, bj can go to hell!

good outcome‽

we must talk him down from the sheer cliff side,

the far right-side, cuz it reads from the right to the left,

go now foul human wannabe fascist pest!

“..we don’t want you here anymore..”

“..take a hint from the by-elections..”

“’re fucked mate, you’re going to hell!.”

why does the leader wish to be remembered as more hitler than hitler,

destroy our human rights, then drag us all to ever-last bell,

I wouldn’t mess with the demons they scratch mate.

they tear into our lives as grinning lies,

go away old friend,

you won’t recognise me as I offend.

the lies and deceit matched only by his feet,

as they dance us all down to the old prince of the lies,

what a funny thing to be, royalty.

blameless, you have nothing to do with government, really?

are you sure of that, without you they’d have no scape goats and crap,

they can blame us,

or they can blame them.

this disaster is being allowed to happen by the nicest of folk you may have allowed to misshapen,

by the cruelty of abstaining to vote,

spoil your ballot by wiping shit on the coke nose!

what’s wrong with your little england,

oblivious to your leanings,

to continue to abstain and bring terror to your doors.

this is not a prophecy, nor a call to arms,

this is not even a wise observation (I have very few of those),

it is simply history repeating itself.

one day we won the war,

now we welcome the fascists at the door,

tories may be wise to lock themselves inside?

this is not fair, they may have all the money but they’re a minority…

the minority that horde all the wealth,

fascist, dictatorship, decrees, London is next?

in the old roman city state still functioning in our world,

didn’t we boot the invaders out,

I thought we did, who remembers without doubt?

REG: All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

XERXES: Brought peace.

REG: Oh. Peace? Shut up!

Monty Python’s Life of Brian, 1979

we need a speaker who tells liars to shut up!

it’s actually a weird kind of circle,

the way the flow of power alternates over the centuries,

it’s a constant flow of dark energy and light,

the darkness that counterparts our insanity!

if we’re a democracy then why do the minority hold our breath in their differences?

I have trouble, don’t you with allowing the fearful to be abused,

the poor tory voter, they’ve lied to you for a long time,

their core is a lie, that capitalism won’t die.

but it will.

“..all good things..” a true brit might say,

understanding the irony of those who betray.

so funny that the thing our great-grandmothers would say are total bollocks,

not because they were stupid, but because that was their true narrative,

the turkey needed dissecting because of the savages.

untrue, if you know the story of why the mother has a quirky way of preparing the meal.

people who can read can be educated (watch out for when they take this),

(just look at what colonialism gave to africa,)

(colonialism is capitalism, empire too.)

please read the history of your people,

maybe all people,

find all the kindness and joy in their writings.

no judgement just respect for the way that they see,

how they feel, their sense of me

they’re alive too.

if I have to explain that then we’re in deeper shit than a first turd.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

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