so I was thinking, why do I not believe in a creator deity

I could say that there’s no scientific evidence, but I’m not a scientist

I could say that there’s no reason for a creator when there are potentially infinite outcomes

so what we see is what we see because if it was any other way we’d not be here to see it

make sense, don’t worry, it doesn’t make sense, infinity is only possible if we go down the subdividable route

still lost, don’t worry, this wristwatch spontaneously manifested itself with no need of a creator, make sense

no, so if we see a big rock in the shape of an animal we say it’s pareidolia, rightly or wrongly

we know it’s just a rock, no one intelligent made it that way, just lots of water probably over an unimaginably long time

maybe the rock was a tribute by an ancient people to the megafauna that allowed them to survive, the megafauna disappeared long ago, probably made into food for hungry hominids

I dread to think what they did when all the big beasts had gone, did they turn on each other

how do we prevent this from happening, we act out kindness with compassion

we at least pretend we think good behaviour is good for a reason, we don’t abandon those that need help

that was erratic, I feel better now, thanks

– Via Mikraluns, 2022

they ate each other