the best villain is the one that convinces us that the most heinous of crimes is an acceptable aspect of law.

I’m watching the last episode of something with good acting and storyline,

the villain is so good he appears as the father who just asks to be trusted.

not got to the end yet, just had a thought that needed airing.

if the cleverest of villains appears as the chummy mister minister from custard wobbles and belches,

do we get right behind him and give him some help out the door?

maybe we can’t believe that such a great guy destroyed all our labour?

maybe we trusted the crowned prince of bullingdon-area?

just grifting for their kings the moguls of media, maybe.

but are we the fools that put this bastard in the news!

the butt-stenching, arse-cracking, sack of old mustard,

the liar johnson is still destroying what we all built.

our ancestors fought for it, then the fascists seek to take it all,

and your abstaining is approval of his wrongdoing.

this cast that you’re under is pulling you asunder,

choose the correct side, not the one the mogul says is right.

these kings are not my leader, my role model, or majestic.

they expound lies to fit their regimes,

you buy that paper you fund that fascism.

the sun or the mail, the telegraph for your dinner,

the (actual) sun soon passes, it’s halfway through it’s life already,

now it’s on its decline.

maybe no fault of our own, but we accelerated it by loads!

deny or not, doesn’t matter now, it’s too hot,

humans have already triggered the great change,

now it’s the question, who inherits the earth?

is it the meek that a wise man once said?

is it the consequence of karma ripening in our heads?

“ that got the Buddhist riled!.”

why would it, where is your head when you consider the true nature of the mind.

it’s formless, you see,

without boundaries.

there is no end as there was no beginning,

just a seemingly endless cycle of suffering.

with no way out, we go mad sometimes,

I get it, the world is so mad why not let “hitler” win?

why give credence to people who support such horrific behaviour.

this statement is true for all who follow a good teacher,

one who is humble and kind.

the person who remains calm under stress,

who never snaps,

takes slaps on the back,

“..and is allowed to die in the gutter?.”

why do the right wing want to be so cruel to the left wing?

the grammar check underlines things in BLUE, just saying (UK not US)

(so down the rabbit hole now that the blue of the Ds is as left as the US gets.)

dog forbid we’d end up like that!

but the UK said this about a lot of US things, we ended up there anyway,

we have the disease now, we’re doomed without kicking out the realms menaces.

don’t look down to find them, they’re up there wielding power,

they manipulate us for their own gain,

weren’t they supposed to look out for us?

“..they gave up to the game..”,

the greatest of tricksters can only be beaten by one of his own.

I’d like to think this, make us proud old starmouse.

I lament to loss of fairness in our papers and screen based entertainment.

everyone deserves a say, that’s democracy isn’t it?

so why does the bbc lean righter than the raables of hypocrisy,

the badgers nads and old crusted cnut flaps.

pretty callous from talons without mercy,

uses her own son as a shield to attack those that care,

she’s a doormat.

these are just some of the few malignant scum,

that lied to us all without any shame or understanding.

if you still support the fools,

please vote for the wrong one that ousts them,

they lied to you all, time and again.

don’t care what you voted for,

just please don’t be fooled again.

“..give them a metaphorical kicking..”

“ day, along the line, we’ll get them in the dock..”

when no-one cares anymore.

the shadows always rise, in the end,

old friend, take advice from the old fool,

don’t be a tool, just stop listening to murdochs,

and fascist spectators.

the mail of the day grinds hope away,

makes you angry enough to be party to killing.

by all means, be a conservative, just stop being a fucking tory!

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

just watching the world burn helplessly, are we?