a slogan for the masses, a punch up to the jaws,

to the powers that keep us cleaning their floors.

socialism is not a dirty word, democracy without it is flawed,

it helps to prevent the wealth that defrauds.

no human more important than another,

we need proportionally progressive argue-mentors.

arguing for the poor, your dignity and your health,

something the wise would call real wealth.

oblivious to the suffering of the most in need,

“..let them eat 30p..”, is what they think will feed.

destroying the workers rights,

through their avarice and spite,

“..may they fossilize like the dinosaurs they are..”

a fragment of history that is the cause of slavery,

empire and land of the free,

if you’re the same colour as the old appointee.

irony is that as our world increases it’s degrees,

pale isn’t something you want to be (melanin helps life peeps).

so hate if you wish, earth’s evolution has never ceased,

she’ll take little notice of you arguing the sky is blue.

if the end of civilization is to come,

we need to develop a new way,

without it we give in and give away.

(happy socialism-done-day.)

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString