watching the satirical stream of the pythons,

1974; lots of references to racism and xenophobia, thanks tory working class.

then they realised and they striked,

then trade union labour got involved and labour got blamed for what the tories started.

it’s how tories work, they scam the masses then retreat when they get found out,

let labour take over, lucky we don’t have proportional representation, eh.

what happens when the voting system changes from first past the most?

the tories cease to ever have a mandate again, ever again.

they sinned too far this time, they killed folks,

our folks, that fascism, that tory, that’s murdoch, we should all feel the fury!

skimming a little off the side is the tory way,

but they skimmed too much, they must now go away.

I will always asked politely at first,

but push it too far and I have an army that’s vast.

it spans every being that suffers the most,

my commitments to those that have passed still require honouring,

abandon this clinging, this attachment is stinging.

it must be destroyed by great peace,

from our hearts to the fearless enemy.

so when I was born tories were stealing as usual.

it looked like fascists were joking the stage,

creating satire in jibes at sun classes.

you read it, you strike it, you sell it, old tory,

your motives are now clear,

you need to to go now,

I am starting to fear for your safety.

your lies that have rubbed down,

all your party into the ground,

all liars now, with thanks to the 211.

change your rules, he’s taught you that,

break your rules, vote him out.

211 need to go to 1922, hand in a letter, you know what to do!

history is recording this in the international news,

read the news from the west, then central and the east.

this is how Britain is being seen, caused by the English in arrogance as usual, you may think,

but without proportional show please don’t blame all English, some of us are actually fairly cool.

we are proud to be woke, we support freedom of thought,

supporting constructive expression, not the shit stains of johnsons rectory!

I know I’m not tory, I know I’m not conservative regarding all traditions,

some are fine, tea and scones in the sunshine.

but dirty old men control an antiquated system of kings, queens and noblenobs,

all the puppet masters rancid old barons,

moguls they pomp out their bottoms.

why hate when it’s more fun to imitate,

make fun of their existence,

they will all be dead soon, as is our presence.

far away from my bed there is screaming,

people fearful of their survival rating.

our failure to grasp that the rich are the problem, if they exist then many have nothing.

it’s simple mathematics,

if man a has 50% of the lake to fish, then most of the rest, people b, have to share 50%, make sense?

so say there’s a cake, cut into three, I take a bit,

the other 7 billion can share the rest, is that fair?

“..but the rich worked harder..”, maybe,

but by factors of billions harder than us?

“..they have responsibility..”, not taken too lightly, sarcastically.

they squander this trust, they take more than they must,

they scoop up the cash while pensioners die in their care!

who put them there!!?

more importantly, who keeps them there?

so, if you agree, please take the words freely,

use them to help the tory deniers out.

they need to be denazified, deconditioned, helped to be happy,

they’re filled with hate,

be a good green democratic socialist,

listen for their suffering, it’s your shield of defence.

remember there’s children dying in all the conflicts, not just the one the moguls deem in particular.

pass the power to yourselves, don’t give it a way to hell,

vote only for the correct, the proper with respect.

you choose the blue meany, rather than old rainbow submariney?

give me some 80 year old Mac over a lying, cheating, old sack of old cack.

why do the 30% stick with these fools?

maybe it’s imponderable in it’s delusional distain,

cruelty fired at the bodies of the innocent,

bigotry cries loud, they shit bricks on the crowd‽

people will die, do you hear?

many have died, did you sneer?

were you, are you one of the trolls that have been caught by the wolves?

sending nasty little jibes at the health professional besides?

in the middle of the night, do their insides gripe?

is there a lump growing slowly in their nuts?

so deluded are they that hurt those that care,

they will care when there’s a DNR on their chest!

what happens when there’s nowhere to run?

please allow the peace and the kindness in,

the wall is falling and we could all do with a rest.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

when did you realise you'd been born into a fascist country?