or is it biological, dunno mate

this ain’t about me, I remember when queer didn’t necessarily mean gay

my parents were around when gay meant happy

would it be a stretch to propose that the demonisation of certain sexualities arises at the same time as right wing view points

as we get poorer we become more socialist, it’s a natural survival instinct, when in trouble seek out your own kind

my kind are rare, but we’re around

giving it a name doesn’t work well, it stands between the world of the living and the world of the not

so close to death but still not yet passed

in peace I dwell, saved from the delusional thinking

all I know comes from directly experiencing the aging, sickness and death, and it is a terrible thing to put ourselves through

in seeking peace, at all expense, with appropriate attention and wise guidance, we will find peace

many have found this peace, but if our world doesn’t have these people then it’s dying

without peace there is nothing but chaos, disaster and suffering

find peace with our life support system, NURTURE THE NATURAL WORLD, not rule it

chaos is our misunderstanding, our ignorance, it’s reality is groundless (Pema Chödrön is wise, recommended listening), subtle impermanence dancing with the subtlest of minds

how malleable is reality, if reality is nothing other than mind then why can’t the world be at peace, global lockdowns showed many the truth

our world is wrong, the ideologies we have put stock in are delusions

capitalism, socialism, liberalism, centrifugalism, monarchy, government, leaders, false profits, successful destruction

these ideologies are just that, nothing more than the label “ideology”

how can we follow an ideology that refutes all ideology (including itself)

simple, always question our teacher, guide, leader, guru, scripture, dharma, acolytes, followers, family, ourselves

relax when an answer brings peace, simple

look for peace in the food we eat, we will come to eat the right amount, it’s for hunger, not entertainment, that’s a path to depleting resources, will we destroy our world to satiate greed

we have created this, science has said for a long time the climate is changing, it’s now using the words “crisis point”, some are even saying it’s too late

there’s a panic on, calm down, worrying breeds worry, calm down

look at our environment now, stop the pollutions, the great lockdown showed us it

do we need more convincing, the birds sang, the grasses grew, the animals came out from hiding, all life benefitted from humans fucking off for a while

so we’re out again, and guess what, all life on earth is hiding from us again, are we the bad guys

if we allow the likes of trampolining teabag-balling tearaways, tru tru tru

or jammy jumped-up jollies, joh joh joh

maybe the likes of mucky moguling meat-grinders, mur mur mur

will all go the way of the pesky pustulant poobags, pew pew pew, that they are

that was close, they almost had me that time, I’m just an autistic person attempting to communicate, do I get a badge for that {smiling wide grinning into your eyes while caressing the air with subtle sounds and smells, eew}

don’t attempt to infantilise, it won’t go well for anyone involved, think more great ape wielding a limp whip

a monster some have said in the past, not me, someone else, they’re the ones in the suits and ties

look at them scrambling for the outrage, the next lie, another lame story about rich-fucks fucking other rich-fucks and then fucking poor

give it up, all the tabloids are shite, without exception (Byline Time may be an exception, but it’s not at tabloid), it’s a way to power, control the narrative

the TV is just moving tabloids, but the older generations watch TV, it’s their comfort, don’t make them pay for it, please

cruelty to the older generations is the work of delusional minds, they gained control by trickery

they’re good at trickery, remember tricksters like to lie and steal, remember, the tories are thieves by definition of their name, tory {I refuse to capitalise this word anymore, same contempt is levelled at nazism}

socialism isn’t a political wing, it’s a system of economics that is really nice to the less fortunate, it’s a real trickle down economics as it aims to distribute wealth based on need, call it political if you want, in my world you’re wrong

some are still rich, some are poorer, but no-one starves, goes without energy, all live with dignity, living without harming others

if you say this is bollocks, you’re entitled to your opinion, I defend your right to say stupid things

but do you think being well fed, warm and cosy, with your family and community in the same position, is a bad thing

did you believe the tower of ducktard that is expounding the trickle down economics of the capitalist really wants to help you, or themselves

these sociopathic enemies of life think it’s about their immediate families, only their warmth and wealth, and gorged on the finest wines and nibbles, oh what etoness

is my head round, nope, but fancy cowboy hats don’t suit me, so I prefer an almost shaved head

no celibates here though, wink wink oink

so what is queer anyway, just a word to describe something that has changed its meaning within the last hundred years

it became a hate word at one point, but anyone can be queer

I met a heterosexual once who said they were, so I guess anyone can be queer

doesn’t seem to matter what gender, sexuality or whatever, being queer isn’t a definer of anything to do with sexuality, and so far I’ve seen no convincing evidence that gender has anything to do with it either

shame it became a hate word, I guess that generation will have to pass on now

– Serenity Tsamcho, watching the dance of the Dakinis, 2022

is queerness a sexuality, gender, or just general demeanor