I don’t work that way

I write whatever

give it an anonymous ending

I relinquish any claim to my words, so far

you may use them for any purpose

why not just ignore them

it’s easy, it’s your right not to listen

right to speech must also mean the right to not listen

stock image of four strangers being paid to look like friends, or maybe it’s real, don’t know, don’t care

why do we keep listening to people who think it’s fine to break laws they created

then lie about having broken the laws

especially when said somewhere it’s a resigning offense to lie

stop listening to rich people, they’re not right because they’re rich

they started rich, they’ll probably die rich

you want to be a self-made rich person

that takes hard work, the kind of hard work those in charge have never known, they started rich

stock image of human standing in the red haze of a polluted sky, with birds flying to a cleaner part of the planet

how dense do you have to be to not recognise that the born rich don’t care about the poor

I must admit I am not interested in stripping anyone of wealth, that would be theft

I am in favour of taxing rich people and corporations for the impact their policies have on our way of life and environment

you like the countryside, makes you feel happy

you like a health service you can access regardless of your wealth

you like it here

you like your homes, if you are lucky to have one

not funny stock image of a piece of card with some words on it, uncertain why this image is available for free, it’s rubbish

people are being turned on to the streets because their landlords have increased rent beyond their ability to pay

these people work full-time

they can’t pay for enough heat, power, food, transport

this is how makeshift slums start, the rich buying up all the land

some lame snowflake excuse like it’s libertarianism

fight club, watch it, it will explain the origin of the angry snowflake excuse

woops, I talked about it

rich, rich, rich

understand they’re looking out for their families, yours comes second place to theirs, same as we all do

they’re allowed to abuse this privilege with tax loopholes, their accountants are expensive

is this admirable behaviour, should these people be in charge of anything

it’s fine for us to do this, we’re not in charge of the country

not for them

the one rule for us and another for them works both ways

I fully expect those in charge to do their jobs, and breaking the rules is a sackable offence

I expect nothing less than four rules

don’t kill

don’t steal

don’t transgress the law of consent (that’s a big one but as essential as the rest [misogyny])

don’t lie, don’t lie, don’t lie

stock image apparently of Will Ferrell as an elf, did he sign off on this freebie

simple rules, keeps everything civil

what about the rich though…

let them play in the sandpit of their own design

we all leave this world the same way, death

same for all regardless of trinkets, gems or gold

we get to take nothing but the memory of what we did in life

money, money, money

only carry what you can take with you, your peace of mind

listen to the wise

trouble with the wise is they don’t advertise like capitalists

they sit in peace and only share when asked correctly

trouble is they don’t advertise where they put the rules

they pray in peace for blessing for all

trouble is it doesn’t make sense

they wait with endless patience for it to make sense

trouble is I don’t want to

they wait

trouble is I see trouble

stock image of a programmer hating his lot in life without realising he already has everything he could ever dream of, he’s got the squits as well

be always at peace, be always happy, be always kind

be aware of suffering, be aware of pain, be aware of cruelty

this is what more awake is all about

be wishing for peace, happiness, and kindness

times already up for a stable environmental future

earth’s getting restless

better fly off rich people

stock image of hardcore German industrial electronica enthusiasts organising a massive darkwave industrial and ebm dance rave, it was awesome

I hope the JW telescope finds your new Eden

I’m staying here for now, earth bound

not rich enough to be saved

is this what humanity values

money, money, money

am I sick of this world, or is this world making me sick

who cares I don’t amount to much money

no gold teeth here, even my wisdom teeth have gone

damn it, now the title doesn’t make sense

stock image came up when I searched for “dunce hat”, so this is a dunce hat, she’s very very stupid and smiles with crayon bits stuck between her teeth

Anon, n.d., Anon, [why is this still happening], Anon: Anon

title first this time, then write the content