we don’t like the government, even if we voted for them (I never have, never will)

they’re all about preserving British traditions, trouble is they don’t, do they

what do the British I know admire; honesty, compassion, fair play must be adhered to, surely

is it fair play to lie about your opponent, I don’t believe so, do you

if we don’t, then what the hell does being British mean, are we just rabid thugs bulldozing through traditional British values

the leaders seem to have forgotten their purpose, rewriting history in favour of themselves, all lies

look at their pathway to power, the craven deceit masquerading as tomfoolery, their naughty but nice (sic 🤢) shit

they think they can win against rapid climate change, they haven’t so far, maybe listen to the scientists as they narrate the great climate change that rocked humanity to it’s core, they need to be listened to not bought out by b’stards

it’s not an if, it’s a when, always has been, the climate was always going to change, we just made it happen faster, yay humans first to be the best at mass and self extinction

they’re being illogical, our environment is about to get rather rollercoastery, don’t panic it won’t help, just listen to the experts please, not the filthy minded selfish minds we have put in power

look what they do when faced with questions, they threaten either us or refugees, it stinks worse than any behaviour I’ve ever witnessed

ever thought that maybe refugees are fleeing from something so terrible that a xenophobic country like England is still the better option

we’d better sort this out, England, before it’s us that need the help of another country

Scotland stood up to the police when they tried to arrest refugees, I bow to the Scots, truly admirable people

we don’t do this, do we, English

we’re not fascists are we, are we

we’re the kind of people who fight fascists, let’s start with the liars that rule and crave to rule

I’d prefer something truer, for example, science tells us about what we are made of, at least partially

only a small aspect of our entirety, the universe is incomprehensively old and big

imagine the distance between you and your nearest other town or city

imagine walking that distance

imagine how your feet would feet, how your legs ache, your back

now imagine doing that distance immediately again

now at a good average of 3mph (I'm old, I'm slow), with rests every 60mins for 15mins, the time it'd take you to walk to the moon (without sleep) is around 11 to 12 years, don't do it, it's real killer of a hike

(based on taking a 15 min break every hour the effective speed is probably about 2.4mph)

so time to walk to...
sun > 4000 years
nearest other star > 270 million years
edge of the galaxy > 700 trillion years
the current edge of the universe > 12 quintillion years (12 with 19 zeros after it)

that's all assuming everything stays in exactly the same place for that entire journey

spoiler, it doesn't, it's actually moving away from us faster than we can catch it, even at the speed of light, bummer (space can expand faster than light, apparently)

anyway, the BBC needs to reflect the people not the government, we hate them, always have and always will, on balance

– Docile NcNuget, 2167

why did the BBC reflect the establishment of British government